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Travelling Overseas with your pets ?

We offer a professional,  personal service for cats and dogs – New Zealand to anywhere in the World !

Pets World Wide offers Professional, personal care for your pets. As the Sole owner / operator of Pets World Wide, I take pride in being able to give you and your pet my own personal attention.  Every detail of your pets' journey is thought out to minimise the stress of international travel for your pet, and to ease the mind for owners. Where at all possible I select direct routes for your pet's travel, and where stopovers are neccessary I utilise a wide range of international facilities that specialise in this area.

I am often asked how I got into Pet Transport. The answer is simple - as a successful breeder of Labrador Retrievers and an International Judge,  I have been selling my own dogs to overseas breeders and buyers for many years. I hated having to part with them often a day or two before flights left. I experienced the stress of having to hand over my precious animals to a complete stranger, so on this basis I sought out how I could handle the whole thing myself. I now have a network of breeders throughout the country that utilise me as their export agent - confident in the knowledge that I treat every export pet as 'my own' .

I have had the pleasure of shifting show dogs, beloved pets, Guide Dogs, Assistance dogs and diplomatic 'staff' (pets) around the globe - it is always so gratifying to receive the emails and phone calls from grateful owners !