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All International freight of animals out of New Zealand has to be through a registered export agent, you cannot do this yourself. Pets World Wide is registered and approved as an export agent with all International Airlines departing from New Zealand.

Each country has specific requirements before they allow a pet to enter. Pets World Wide will discuss these requirements with you personally.

For nearly 20 years we have exported pets to the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, United Arab Emirates, Australia, South Pacific, United States of America, Canada, India etc etc

Boarding Facilities are available for pets that are required to overnight (or longer) in Auckland prior to an International flight connection. This is sometime preferable than the pet having long stop overs enroute to their final destination.

It may also be useful to have your pets boarded for a while prior to your shifting overseas. We have excellent Cattery and Kennel facilities available. Cats particularly are very good at ‘disappearing’ at the sight of suitcases and removal boxes, and we strongly recommend that you think of utilising our boarding services to avoid the distress of your pet disappearing just as you are needing to leave…

If you are not settled into your new home Pets World Wide can arrange domestic transport of your pet and boarding from just a few days to a few months.    

Corporate Removals not a problem.

We can send an invoice direct to your employer.